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Wood Handle Squeegee
Wood Handle Squeegee

This is a standard Wooden Handled Squeegee (tall profile). The blade is glued in place so there aren't rivets to hold ink. more info
Stretch Devices Constant Force Squeegee
Stretch Devices Constant Force Squeegee

Stretch Devices Constant Force Squeegee™

  • Eliminates squeegee length variations caused by sharpening and solvent attack which changes the squeegee flex angle.
  • NEVER sharpen another squeegee blade. Simply replace the tip when needed at 1/2  the cost of a conventional squeegee.
  • Minimal squeegee pressure and angle adjustment are required with each print run since the squeegee dimension and flex angle are constant.
  • Uniform ink film thickness is easily achieved.
  • Improved color and print definition using less squeegee pressure.
  • Unique design constantly rolls & mixes the ink keeping it fluid and smooth
  • Reduces carding since the ink uniformly tracks down the frame.
  • Reduction in ink climbing up the handle.
  • Specially formulated urethane tips in various durometers will typically last 6 months to 2 years.
    Easy clean up - no screws to trap ink.

*Personal Note From Mike Fresener

I have watched innovation in this industry all of my life. I have used just about every type of squeegee and every squeegee handle profile from short to tall and all of the ergonomic styles. I simply cannot recommend these squeegees enough! If you have carpel tunnel problems, these can REALLY help. If you have problems getting white ink through your screens, these can REALLY help! If you need to get your body weight behind your squeegee because you have a small frame, THESE CAN REALLY HELP! They are a "push" style squeegee and I can type all I want but it won't compare to actually trying a few of these on a job. You may test one at a tradeshow and feel the difference, but the REAL difference will be felt when you actually use them in a longer print run. ~Mike Fresener



After 12 years of developing the economical NEWMAN CONSTANT FORCE SQUEEGEE (on average 1/2 the cost of a conventional squeegee) the squeegee is no longer a variable. 

The conventional squeegee varies its length due to sharpening combined with solvent attack, which changes the flex angle of attack on the ink. This changes the pressure on the ink significantly during long print runs and between subsequent print runs. Like screen tension, the conventional squeegee is a larger and more significant variable than first meets the eye.

The NEWMAN CONSTANT FORCE SQUEEGEE has constant length since it is not sharpened; the entire tip is simply exchanged. The Squeegee Holder also cannot be attacked by ink and chemicals like conventional squeegees, which gradually change their flex angle. This new squeegee has constant length, constant flex angle and constant pressure on the ink every time you use it.

You will achieve faster set-up times because there is no need to adjust the squeegee up or down due to the length of different squeegee according to how many times the squeegee has been sharpened.

The replacement tips, in various durometers, are made of specially formulated urethane and for many applications will last 6 months to 2 years.

1/8" sharpening of a conventional squeegee radically changes the squeegee stiffness, flex angle, angle of attach on the ink, and the required pressure on the ink. As the conventional squeegee becomes shorter from sharpening, the squeegee increase its stiffness dramatically – not directly proportionately – but changes by the 3rd power of the new shorter length (L3).

By example: a 75 durometer squeegee with 1.2" length (past the holder) with flex approximated 3/8" with 5 lbs./inch of pressure. By sharpening the squeegee to 1.0" long, the same 5 lbs./inch of pressure causes the squeegee to stand up straighter with only approximately 1/8" flex. To bring the flex back to 3/8", now about 30 lbs./inch of squeegee pressure is required.  This will change the ink deposit and detail.  The approximate numbers vary greatly with various screen tensions, off-contact, ink rheology, squeegee durometer and type, print speeds, substrate variations, and aesthetic goals.
These approximate numbers and the general pictures below are provided for the purpose of conceptionalization only.

Remember that new technology is rarely a quick fix. Improvements in print quality and speed usually comes at the price of hard work, testing, and an open mind to new possibilities.  The printers that get better and faster every year are constantly testing, working harder, applying constant creativity, and more persistence than their competitors might think.

    Data reference Equation: D = PL3  3EI
    Prepared and written by Don Newman  October 1997

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